SAMAP Srl was founded in 2005, based on furniture industry experience handed down from generation to generation.

In the past, we designed and produced furnishings of all kinds. But now our exclusive focus is on the fitting and installation of our customers’ furnishings, using the professionalism and vast experience acquired in time, and paying attention to every tiny detail with only one objective in mind: absolute customer satisfaction.

There is no limit to the type or sector of our projects, or their locations. We have carried out fitting jobs in virtually every country in the world.

We have several vans and specific equipment for all changes on site, and skilled technical staff. But meeting the ever growing demands of the market takes more than this. During the last few years big designer names have been fighting for the most prestigious locations as they derive some of their glamour not only from the products on sale but also from the sites in which they are offered ... And if architects have to keep up to date with this trend (and furnishing producers ensure they are), fitting teams too have to keep pace with the evolution of the market.

That is exactly why SAMAP fitters, all experienced professionals who carry out their job with enthusiasm, are chosen for their manual, problem-solving, and customer-relations skills, and their outstanding competence and professionalism.

Nowadays, knowing how to put furniture together is not enough. We are a company of craftsmen which aims to provide a professional service with traditional standards, not fly-by-night fitters. The tradition of installing custom-built furnishings, with experience handed down over the generations.

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